Sunday, 1 August 2010

Home from France

Waif is home!    I am sooooooo proud of her adventures.  Given that she was so trepidatious about going, the fact she lasted the whole trip is fabulous and in no small part due to the kindness of her host family - not to mention their 4 splendid homes around France: Parisian townhouse, country house near Versailles and then their chateau and pool in the South.  All the cousins were staying with their grandparents so there were 8 of them ranging from 4 years old up to 18.  Waif at nearly 14 fitted in fine  :-)

She is looking definitely thinner (and browner) than when she left, but immediately on arrival at Gatwick, she wanted to go straight to Marks and Spencer to buy herself a sandwich and a piece of cake.  Probably for my benefit :-)  but very sweet of her.  She said she had found it difficult that she could not help herself to ice creams and chocolate bars during the day and that that was why she had lost weight.

Her next appointment at the Maudsley is 5 August so we have to make sure to top Waif up again if she is not to have a miserable visit.  It also makes me realise that, if she were older, Waif would not be ready for 6th form boarding or for residential university.  We still have a way to go.

Whilst Waif was away, and OD elsewhere, I stayed at Champneys  :-)   and eating, running and relaxing.  These are the views from my room:

It was incredibly peaceful and enjoyable, but I am glad my girls are home now.

We are off to Devon today for a few days to see grandparents and then home for Waif's 14th birthday (yikes, I need to buy her present) and then away to Lake Garda for 10 days.  Our lives are so perfect, we just need Waif to be a proper size to complete the picture.


  1. I fear after reading this,that once again,this is not being taken for what it really is,nor how serious it really is.
    Yes,you need Waif to be at a "proper size",but you need to be healing her MIND - and you need to not be dallying around,while she loses weight again,and spends more time at a lower weight,which is ALLOWING THIS TO BECOME INCREASINGLY ENTRENCHED IN HER MIND/ANOREXIC MINDSET!!!
    I am frustrated that you have access to the Maudsley hospital which many families would give anything for,yet you seem to be wasting it and taking it for granted and not using the help properly!!!

  2. If Waif has visibly lost weight she has lost an awful lot, this is terribly sad and needs to be rectified straight away - as the above commenter says - the longer weight loss goes on the more her brain "switches" to anorexia - and the harder it is to pull out of it. Once recovered it is so important to remain healthy- not skipping meals sometimes like a "normal person" , not over exercising,- health and recovery must come first - always - for a very long time.

    I really worry she is pulling the wool over your eyes by occasionally making gestures like asking for a sandwich. It's all so familiar. I am desperate to not let another girl end up trapped on the hamster wheel of anorexia for the rest of her teens/twenties. It is utter misery - that is why commenters such as myself and Jennifer above speak out - we want the best for you and Waif.

    Your life does seem very beautiful but please appreciate how deadly and dangerous Waif's illness is long term - her simply being the right size will not cure her - if only it were that simple.

    Do let us know how the visit goes - I wish Waif and you lots of luck.

    I found this that may help: