Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Waif at nearly 16, looking lovely.

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  1. She's a beautiful young lady. You mist be such a proud mummy! How is she getting on?

  2. "Looking lovely" is not indication of health. She does, indeed, look lovely. But where is she, from a health perspective?

    I'm certain that you're very aware of the issue, but I urge you to review my article entitled, Skeletons aren't the only ones who suffer.

    Let me know what you think. And again, I hope that your daughter is finding her way. xxx

  3. AmandaJane, yes I am so extraordinarily proud. She and my older daughter are simply perfect and I love them with all my heart.

    yogaduchess - gulp, she seems healthy but I will read your article right now (fingers crossed it will not be relevant to me). Thank you. I always appreciate reality checks.

  4. Yogaduchess - that link doesn't seem to work. Please could you try again?

  5. thanks for share.