Thursday, 17 December 2009

New uniform

Waif and I went to buy her new school uniform this morning. It was heart tugging......the skirt was okay because she was able to buy a tiny size (20 inch waist adjusted to its minimum) and it merely came out very short which she was more than happy with, saving her the need to roll it up at the waist as is customary amongst the others, but tracksuit trousers were a nightmare. The ones that vaguely fitted around her waist stopped just below her knees. The ones that were lon enough were so enormously big that there was no way she could sensibly wear them and no way they would stay up. We compromised and got some that looked quite a lot too baggy and quite a lot too short, but not too much of either.

Meanwhile, we have booked for the Maudsley on Christmas Eve. We are going at 10am because the psych said that 9.30 was a bit early for him as his trains are a bit unreliable. I thought it was only solicitors who had such late starts! My husband has decided to go along with the Waif but I am driving them as I know the back routes and the roads will be choc-a-bloc the day before Christmas. I have not yet told Waif that her father is coming. She will be very cross and I am delaying her fury as there is nothing I can do to change the situation.

Meanwhile, lots of people are saying to me that OD looks too thin. Well, compared to Waif, she's not, but I guess compared with all her friends, she is :-( Ho hum, we are a slim family.

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  1. a dad who know how it feels.17 December 2009 at 17:29

    I think it's a good thing for him to go, but perhaps you should rethink driving them: you'll undoubtedly end up going in there with them, and then it will be your gig all over again, with H again given the opportunity to sit silent on the sidelines.

    Let him (make him) do this on his own. It will be good for him, and good for waif as well. She and he will have no choice but to rise to the occasion... which they will, and they will both get something from it.

    and no, you are not needed as a chauffeur. I am sure you have sat nav? Turn that on and tell your H to leave early - the 10am start gives him more than enough time to manage any traffic, and to experiment with his own shortcuts (after all you can't get lost with sat nav). The waif may even like to navigate (after all you can't get lost with sat nav)