Tuesday, 20 July 2010

In France

Waif is safely arrived in Paris.  She seemed to have no last minute doubts and went off cheerfully on the Eurostar at 8.30am  :-)    She had texted me by 9.15 am to say she was missing me already but then I had a cheerful call from the Grandmere's Parisian apartment at lunchtime.  We have agreed that I will call her every evening at 6pm (UK time) which will be 7pm French time, having checked with FX that family dinner is usually later than this.

I am SOOOO proud of Waif.  Had she not gone, I am sure that it would have been a little black mark in her mind for years to come - the time she "failed" to go on the french exchange and that would make her feel sad every time she thought about it whereas now she will feel proud instead.

Even if she wants to come home in a few days time (and I would scoop her up and bring her home in a heartbeat), she knows that she took an important independent step, and would not be embarrassed if anyone asked her how the exchange went.  Actually, though, now she is there I believe she will stay the course as the lure of the 6 cousins and a  pool in the South of France is enough for most teenagers!   What a star.

I am anticipating her not putting on any weight whilst away and will be content if she maintains her 44kg (97 lbs) for the week away and then we concentrate on further gain when she is back.  Looking at the photos in my last post, I can see she really is still thin and I must not forget that.

Meanwhile I have some free time!  It is incredible how much of my attention Waif needs at the moment - seemingly most of the time.  Some of this is because she will not allow OD to help with the FX.  She finds sibling issues tricky.  To be honest, Waif was sometimes a little unwelcoming to the FX and has on occasion shut herself in her own bedroom with no explanation leaving the FX a little bewildered.  A few times, Older Daughter stepped into the breach only for Waif to accuse her of "trying to take over her friends".  Sigh, poor OD, she is only trying to help.  Also poor Waif for feeling that much of a comparison.  I know she has felt this way for several years - she is convinced  that everyone likes OD more than they do her.  This is so not true as they are both endearing in their own very different ways but can be self fulfilling if Waif starts sulking when OD turns up, smiling and unaware.   I wonder how this will change when OD is off to boarding school in September.

I am aiming to tidy and redecorate Waif's bedrooms (she is occupying 2 at the moment for some reason best known to herself when in reality she usually sleeps in my bed anyway).  She said to me that I don't unerstand that she dreams of having a beautiful bedroom and that interior design is where she spends all her time ont he internet and that it is the dramatic love of her life.  Not sure how impressed she will be with clean sheets and a good hoover  ;-)   I am looking into getting her new bedroom cupboards actually but have to persuade my husband that they will be a good investment - currently there are perfectly serviceable 1970's plywood cupboards in Waif's room but actually if we were to ever sell the house then proper wardrobes would be a must, so why not get them before Waif leaves home?

Perhaps I will post a picture or two and you can see what I mean.

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