Thursday, 16 September 2010

Maudsley visit time

Phew, that went well.  Waif is at 45.3kg and 163cm - she has grown 5 cm in the last year so hopefully that means that she has eaten enough at some point.  And also, of course, put on about 9kg  :-)  :-)

We always have easy sessions when Waif has made progress.  She was asked if she missed Older Daughter, now away at school (no) and whether she was close to the relative who has just been jailed for killing someone (no).  So no problems there then ;-)

Waif actually opened up in today's session rather than being her normal monosyllabic self.  Or rather she is monosyllabic at the home she chatters nineteen to the dozen, issuing instructions.  So today she shamelessly told the psych that the Hopspital's graphs of weight against time were not well set out because the time scale was not constant, being one square per visit rather than one square per month, and the interval between visits varies a lot.  She also admitted that she has pinned up a menu  list for me to abide by on the fridge, is expecting her room to be redecorated, chided both of us for not noticing that she had been wearing a yellow badge of late, told me I needed to sew a button on her jacket and wondered what I do all day as she tells me stuff to do in the morning and sometimes I have not done it by 3.30pm (um, my husband seconded her sentiment  ...grrrrr)!

The Psych looked on in bewilderment and is beginning to see why Waif had the nickname "Tyrant" when she was a very small child.  It is good to see her sense of humour and confidence beginning to return.

We are not needed to return for a whole month.  We are still aiming at 95-100% weight for age and height so have a few kg to go.

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  1. How nice! It's remarkable to see kids come back to themselves (funny, tyrannical, or whatever) as they regain health. Well done.