Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Working too hard?

Waif spent at least 12 hours over the holidays annotating Henry V which she is studying for GCSE and on which she has a module (her first) in October.  She did this off her own bat.  She knows that she is not allowed to take an annotated copy into the exam so she also has an unannotated copy.

In her last English lesson, Waif's english teacher saw that someone was without a copy of her play whilst organised Waif was in possession of two, and so she told Waif to lend hers to this other girl.

Fast forward to today wherein Ms English has Waif's annotated script at the front of the class with her and again sees another child without  a book.

"Waif" she said imperiously "Sasha can have your book, can't she, as you have two?"   Waif is shy and felt unable to say no.  All lesson, Sasha was reminding the teacher to give her the book but the teacher was not organised enough to do so and at the end of the lesson told Sasha to come at break for it.  This, I remind you, Dear Reader, is Waif's very own copy ordered and paid for by moi in the holidays and slaved over by Waif.

Sasha forgot to go to the english office in break but Waif did not.  Ms English was there but casually said that she could no longer find the book - "I had it earlier" she breezed.

Obviously, Waif is fairly distraught.  I know it shouldn't, but this episode has tainted her whole day.  Actually, maybe it should - I would be upset if I had devoted 2 or 3 days of my holiday to some noting and somebody else took and then lost it.

I fought the habits of a lifetime and phoned Ms English.  I explained that this book was Waif's and that she had invested a lot of time and effort into annotating it.  "Oh," she said "well that's okay then as we will be working through it this term and she isn't allowed to take an annotated copy into the exam so it doesn't matter anyway."

"That is why she has two copies; so she can annotate one and use the other in the examination" I spluttered .

"I will" I said, uncharacteristically icily "be most disappointed if she does not have it back within a week."

Am I overprotective?  Am I the only one to think that sometimes teachers do not treat children like human beings?

Waif wants me to see if she can move English classes.  Ms English did not endear herself to Waif in Lesson 1 of term when she declared that she found Henry V immensely dull.  That is not an inspiring start.


  1. find the girl at the school gate and get the book back

    in general it always annoys me that adults expect children to share things in a way that adults would not dream of doing.

    darling - i can see that george doesn't have an iPad, now share yours with him, won't you?

  2. I agree.

    Sigh, the girl doesn't have it. It went missing from the english dept staff office so some other teacher must have whipped it away for a different set.

  3. I just wanted to say that I find it really amazing how supportive you have been to your daughter through this whole ordeal. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you and your family, especially for Waif. You all are incredibly strong, inspiriing people.

  4. Your blog is amazing. You are so courageous and a lovely mother to Waif. I know and hope that everything will turn out well for your family. Take care.