Sunday, 30 January 2011

Growing Up

Waif has become a woman this week at the age of 14 and a must be a sign that her body has enough nutrition on board to still mature which I take as a positive sign that she is not currently damaging herself by her lack of weight (or not too much).  In a second rite of passage, she also had her last deciduous tooth taken out on Friday as planned.  She was very brave and was more concerned to know how long the anaesthetic lasted than anything else, as she had a rendez vous with her new (first) boyfriend.  Hmmm...... I do hope that Waif is not triggered to lose weight because she imagines this is what boys like whereas in reality they don't actually want to hug a bag of bones.  I hope she is more sensible than that, though.  She does seem to be.

I am looking forward to getting to know the BF and hope that he will be good, kind and loving to Waif as she could do without a broken heart just yet.  I would have been able to talk to him on Friday night but managed to fall/slide down the basement stairs when answering the door so was in no fit state to chat!  He must have thought I was the strangest woman in the world as when he came in (Hubby answered the door as I couldn't) I was lying on the sofa (7pm only) muttering about how I would be able to get up in a minute when I felt better.  I am still very sore actually and can't wait for the bruising (right hand side lower rib cage, kidney area, hip, thigh and elbow) to subside.  I hate feeling unable to function properly and am not a good patient.   Still, not being able to train today meant I got my tax return filed a whole 24 hours before the deadline.

Waif saw Black Swan on Friday night.  my hubby and I saw it on Saturday night.  It's a brilliant film, dark and intense, but had I seen it first, I am not so sure I would have considered it suitable for Waif so she is lucky she got in there first.

Our  next visit to the Maudsley is late on in the week.  I hope Waif will have upped her weight a little although she does seem to look rather thin at the moment.   Four days to go.....   needless to say, we would both (Waif and I that is) be very upset if she has lost any so we must make sure that doesn't happen.  In fact, I will take her a late night snack right this minute.


  1. I am sorry to hear you fell down the stairs! That sounds painful. Rest up and take care of yourself!

    It's a good sign that Waif's body is maturing at a normal pace. Very encouraging! Although you're uncertain about her weight right now, I hope you can find a bit of relief in this. Also, it sounds like you have a wonderful outlook on Waif's new bf. The fear of her getting a broken heart is so legitimate, but I can tell you'll be there every step of the way. If it does happen, it may be a bit of a setback but Waif seems to have made such progress that, with your love and support, I bet she could overcome a broken heart and possibly feel even stronger for it. That's the sense I get from reading about her.

    Again, you're a WONDERFUL mother. Your love and dedication to Waif and her personal happiness never wavers. I wish everyone who struggled with an eating disorder could have such a supportive mother in their lives too. You're amazing!


  2. I hope that you're up and feeling much better (and less bruised) in no time. It's obvious from the way you write about your beautiful children and the effort you go to help and support them that you are an absolutely fabulous mother.
    I just urge you to keep viligant about her eating. Although it's brilliant news that she is maturing, it doesn't mean that her body isn't being damaged if she is at a low weight or loses weight. I personally didn't lose my period until I fell below a bmi of 14.5, but the damage my body bore the brunt of happened regardless of whether my period was present or not.
    But you are her mother and know her best. I just thought I would offer my personal experience. I hope that waif continues to flourish.
    You are a great mother.

    Regards, Victoria

  3. Thank you again to all my lovely commenters. I wish ALL of you all the best. I often do not organise myself properly to reply but really really do value everything you tell me.