Friday, 6 January 2012

Splashing about

We are still waiting for news on Older Daughter and her Cambridge entrance.   I am not sure Waif should ever go through this as the stress is quite enormous on her.

Meanwhile, the Maudsley telephoned to offer Waif a review appointment.  The first two days that they suggested are ones where Waif is sitting GCSE modules so were not possible.  I have plumped for the day after her exams finish.  I am not going to tell her until after the papers as I don't want her worrying about two things at once.  I am hoping that the review will go well.  I am glad that it means she will be weighed....hmmmm...that is the only reason to warn her weeks in advance as she always eats in anticipation of a weighing.   Remembering where we were with Waif 2 years back makes me relax about this Oxbridge stuff actually.  OD is healthy, happy and settled.  I can't ask for more.

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