Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Still waiting

Firstborn Daughter is still splashing around in the Cambridge Pool.

I am not sure if the tension is telling but Waif has now gone off the whole idea of Oxbridge for herself.  And she is having doubts about changing schools.  I have told her that she should do just whatever she would like to do.  I know how hard working and perfectionist she is so I have no worries about her under achieving so much as worries about her putting too much pressure on herself.  Nor do I want to hold her back from her dreams, so I will simply support her decisions.

I am not sure if I have mentioned (and am too lazy to check) that the Maudsley have asked Waif back for a review appointment.  They wanted to see her at the end of January but as this clashes with some of her public exams I put it off to 2nd February.  I am reassured that they will confirm whether or not her weight is acceptable and/or has slipped.  Her cousins came to visit on Sunday and my oldest niece (aged 22 and a very down to earth and kind primary school teacher) ticked me off for Waif looking far too thin  :-(

Poor Waif is not well at the moment - D and V.  Two years back I lived in terror of that as any weight loss would have been life threatening.  I am so glad that we have a tiny buffer now such that I am sure she can go without food for 24 hours without compromising her health unduly.


  1. I am the same anon from earlier, who commented on the cambridge pool. It can be a massive blow to the self-esteem, I know, especially for a girl who has always succeeded (albeit with an incredible amount of hard work). You said she is planning on reapplying next year if she is unsuccessful? If that is the case, I just wanted to wish her luck and all the best. As a very similar young woman, I admire OD's tenacity and hard work, and so will admissions tutors next year. Moreover, you might hear that previous applications make it less likely for people to succeed at Cambridge a second time round(I don't know if you have heard this, but it is a common misconception!). I know three people who have applied twice and got in- one to the same college (although this is not recommended!). I even know one who applied three times, finally being accepted the third time, to a grad college. He has just graduated with a 2.i. She may decide she doesn't want to, but if she has a conviction that it is the place for her, I would encourage her to go for it. Not that the approval of a stranger on the internet is exactly the biggest encouragement!!

    Fingers crossed for her, and fingers crossed for Waif. I would not be 15 again for the world!

    Good luck AM.

  2. you're a damn good mom, reminding me so much of my mom, from "way back in the day." i wrote an article last night, specifically about my mother, and of how she called me "fat," in 2001. you can check it out here, and i'd appreciate your thoughts: http://nicoleandgwendolyn.com/2012/01/10/the-freshman-82/