Sunday, 18 October 2009


The anti-biotics seem to be working for Waif. Bless her, she is meticulous about taking them at the appointed hours.

She has also been keeping a food diary this week ready for our appointment on Wednesday (rearranged from tomorrow). She has been eating lots! Matching me at mealtimes (minus my odd glass of wine) and having puddings, snacks and milkshakes in addition. But she still has not gained any weight :-(

In the back of my mind, I am nervous about her chest x-ray. What is a consolidation and can it be caused by something other than a chest infection? Waif doesn't seem ill enough to have pneumonia.......

I am going to ask on Wednesday and then, if indicated, take Waif back to the GP for an ultrasound on her neck and any kind of investigation that might be needed to examine the lung consolidation. Of course, there is a nagging fear that the lung consolidation is ominous: doesn't cancer cause weight loss? When I try to look it up on the internet I keep getting advertisements for debt consolidation. Grrrrrrr...

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