Thursday, 29 October 2009

Maudsley visit 3

Waif went back to the Maudsley. Um, blush, actually the appointment turned out to be Tuesday but luckily I was just phoning to confirm the time on Wednesday, and they were able to tell me that Waif was expected in half an hour. We made it by driving fast!

The psychiatrist weighed Waif first off. She was wearing the same(ish) clothes as last time except this time she also wore a blazer as the weather is colder. She weighed 800g more :-) The pscyh was pleased. I reckon her blazer weighs about 800g, but at least she has not lost weight.

THis time the psych had Waif and me in together for a chat. He asked her lots about what we did "as a family". Waif basically said nothing i.e. she said that we didn't do much as a family. I reminded her about theatre trips (hmm, about 4 a year) and training on Saturday mornings (she pointed out Older Daughter hadn't been for ages) and bridge (we have only just started.) But in the end, there is not much we do "as a family". My husband does not generally get home in the evenings until I am in bed and at weekends we often go to dinner parties without the children. We eat breakfasts and weekend lunches together at least.

I said that I was going to resign from work next week. I decided this after talking with friends who all said that I would wonder forever if it would have made a difference if I was home with Waif....... I am lucky that we don't need our income, and the choice is easier for me as there is so little to do at work at the moment, what with the banks all doing a lot fewer structured deals these days. The psych asked me why I was resigning and I explained it was a big year for my daughters. Waif said it was only Older Daughter who had GCSE's.

The psych then said that his psych exams are next week (!) after which he will be a registrar. Hmmm...I thought he seemed inexperienced. I hope that he has the enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment of someone fresh to the subject to make up for lack of experience.

He had a very very short flick through Waif's illustrated food diary. He said he didn't need to look at it closely as she had put on weight (or a blazer...I wonder if they find all their patients put on weight in the Autumn and lose it in the spring?).

I came away feeling a little more hopeful.

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