Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Food diary

Tuesday 26 Jan

Breakfast: 40g branflakes and 200ml milk, 2 pieces of toast and jam and a glass of oj. (400 cal)

Midmorning snack: an apple and a small chocolate teacake (100 cal)

Lunch: Butter chicken curry (250cal), rice (100 cal), a mango and pineapple smoothie (75cal) and a large slice of homemade chocolate cheesecake (25o cal).

Teatime: 200ml hot chocolate (160cal), 2 honeycomb clusters (130cal) and a piece of wholemeal toast with jam (120 cal)

Supper: Jamie Oliver fish pie and baked beans (400 cal) , cheesecake again (250 cal)

Late night snack: 200ml hot chocolate (160 cal), 2 biscuits (100 cal)

TOTAL FOR DAY: about 2,500 calories :-) Ok for the moment. Really we should be aiming at 3,000 calories. I am happy as long as it is well over 2,000 cal every single day without exception.

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