Monday, 18 January 2010


The team co-ordinator from the Maudsley, Gloria, called. She said that she understood my concerns about wanting someone more senior on Waif's case due to lack of progress and said that she herself could start seeing Waif.

I asked her if she was a psychiatrist: whilst she is a lady with great natural authority, I thought she had made some basic scientific errors in our first and only meeting with her and am not convinced about her intellect. Sigh, perhaps intellect is not important in this context but I would be worried about Waif pulling a fast one. She said that she was a trained family therapist. Psssshhhhh. I reckon that doesn't mean too much. Still, when she suggested that perhaps Waif would like someone younger to relate to, I thought perhaps not, and perhaps Gloria with her "no nonsense" bull in a china shop straight speaking might be worth a go. Waif took an intense dislike to her in that first meeting, but, ho hum, perhaps that is because she was challenged. Waif said it was because she was illogical: Gloria had asked her what her favourite chocolate bar was and she had said Mars Bar, and then 10 minutes later Gloria asked me if she ate Mars Bars (she doesn't) and I said "no" so she accused Waif of lying. Waif objected that she had never claimed to #eat# Mars Bars, just that they were her favourite, and felt unjustly accused.

In the call, I then mentioned that Waif had made friends with a very thin girl at her new school called Summer. I was about to say that I thought it possile that Summer, too, had an eating disorder as Older Daughter had been looking at her FB page and thought so, when Gloria interrupted with "omg, we see her here. How on earth did they meet one another?" Hmmmm, so much for patient confidentiality! Anyway, Gloria thought it might or mgiht not be a bad thing.

Bizarrely, just 5 minutes after Gloria's call, Waif phoned me to say that she wants to walk home with Summer, who also lives in this direction - a 3.9 mile walk. Sigh, I said that was fine, not least because our car has ANOTHER puncture and is back in the garage, otherwise I would have picked her up. She will have to eat extra when she gets in to make up for the calories used up walking an hour home. As it is lunchtime now, Waif must be having (or not having) lunch with Summer right now.......

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