Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Senior intervention, and the dog

It seems that our meeting on Monday at The Maudsley Hospital is now going to be with the Head Honcho as she has reviewed Waif's case and decided that it needs a fresh pair of eyes. Good grief, that must make her one of the most senior people in the world in the area of the management of eating disorders. I hope that she is able to help us to start to make progress with the Waif. I have 3 line whipped my husband to come along too.

Everything is as set as I can make it: top level support at the hospital, I am on sabbatical from work to supervise meals and do chauffeuring, and Waif is at her new school and seemingly enjoying it. Please let the rest follow on.

Meanwhile, I took the dog for his annual vaccination this morning. He has put on 6kg in the last year!!!! That is a lot for a dog. He should weigh about 30-32kg but is now 38kg. Three thoughts occur to me:

1. Has Waif been feeding him lots of food without me knowing? and
2. The dog now weighs more than my teenaged daughter whereas a year ago he weighed 10kg less than her; and
3. I am so NOT putting him on a diet, or even mentioning his weight gain to the rest of the family, although I will forebear from feeding him tidbits during the day when Waif is out.

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