Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Road Home

Waif and I stopped in the park for an ice cream on the way home from school yesterday  :-)  Yes, this is on our route home - we are very lucky!


  1. VERY lucky - its simply gorgeous!!

    Give Waif a big hug fom me, for having the ice-cream.
    xx Jennifer

  2. hey,
    i just wanted to say dont listen to her saying she wants to eat 'healthily' at 43 kilos. healthily does NOT exist in an anorexics mind. plus, 43 kilos is still underweight, and if you say its okay at 43 then she might think that she can get away with 42 etc.

    sorry if this didnt make sense lol but my point is PLEASE keep feeding her and watching her exercise, its very important.


  3. Jennifer, thanks :-)

    Katie, I know you must be right. I struggle with feeding Waif non-stop chocolate bars and ice cream when we have always eaten so healthily as a family and when she had such bad teeth as a small child. In my mind I know that eating not enough is the unhealthiest eating of all, and being underweight might severely compromise Waif's health so chocolate is a thousand times better than starvation. Likewise tooth decay might be a small price to pay compared to heart or kidney damage. Teeth can be fixed.

    I also, in conflict with that knowledge, see it as my role to prepare Waif for a lifetime of eating normal foods. I agree that 43kg is probably too low to start that though. I should listen to the Maudsley and have her aim at 48kg. Thanks for the timely reminder. It's easy to become complacent.