Monday, 19 April 2010

The Maudsley again

We are off to the Maudsley Hospital again in 10 minutes after an extended Easter break of almost 3 weeks.  My husband and I both agree that Waif has continued to put on a little weight.  I am expecting her to be a kilogramme heavier at 42kg.  H is betting on 43kg.

H phoned me from work to tell me where the food diary was as he has been keeping it since the last appointment.  I opened the second drawer down in the kitchen and was slightly shocked to see it was only a scrap of folded A4 with some printing on the back, filled in with tiny pencil writing.  It is extraordinarily scruffy and difficult to read, but nonetheless comprehensive.  It is a big contrast to the immaculately laid out one that Waif and I first did together, together with beautiful illustrations.  That time, as Waif had put on weight, the previous psych merely flicked through it without really reading it, and without much attention.  That was therefore the last time that Waif was prepared to put in that effort - she is prepared to work hard but expects praise and recognition in return.

Waif is currently dressed in home clothes ( a light t-shirt and cotton leggings) as school doesn't begin again until tomorrow.  I will not say anything about changing but merely see if she chooses to don her heavy school's really up to her completely.

Wish us luck.  Gulp.

Update:  Waif just appeared in school uniform.  All four of us - Waif, Older daughter, H and I - are going to be at today's session.  I wonder what the psych will want to talk about today......

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