Thursday, 17 September 2009


Waif was apparently having such a good week. Whilst she never ate much in front of me, she was taking in substantial snack for morning recreation (usually chicken soup), telling me that she was eating lunch and then eating a reasonable supper with pudding (even if only a single biscuit) in my presence. Yesterday, her older sister told me that she had seen Waif at lunchtime eating a fruit salad that had supposedly been her Tuesday snack, and not eating lunch. I realised that, like it or not, I needed to weigh Waif again and not purely wait for our first appointment at the Maudsley Hospital on Monday.

I was optimistic at the weigh-in this morning even though I was aware that this was all relying on her honesty, but immensely disappointed to discover that she has lost weight. Older Daughter thinks that Waif may have been dismayed last week at having put some weight on and was determined to take it off.

I am now going to insist that Waif eats more than a bowl of bran flakes for breakfast. Today I cooked scrambled eggs on toast with tomatoes, and Waif also ate a jelly. I was prepared to sit her ther until she finished even if it meant missing our 7.10am deadline for the school bus. Luckily, however, she ate it without complaint. I realise from reading message boards how fortunate we are that she isostensibly a very compliant child.

Hmmm...Waif suddenly announced to me in the car yesterday on the home from school run that she is a very good liar and that's why she never gets into trouble. Hmmm.......I wonder if she was telling me something and indirectly asking for some help.

Meanwhile our questionnaire from the Maudsley has not arrived. I telephoned on Tuesda morning and discovered that they had not sent it. They muttered something about the postal strike but I don't see why that had prevented them from posting it. THe lady said she would send it right away, first class. It didn't arrive yesterday. I shall wait for the morning post and then chase them again.

I asked my husband this morning whether he has yet read any of the links I have sent him on the Maudsley approach. He hasn't. I am not sure that he realises that this should be a priority for him. I anticipate Monday at the Maudsley will be a shock for him. And for me. I still hold onto the tenuous hope that they will tell us that it is all a big mistake and we should go home - Husband is right and she is simply naturally very thin and not abnormal at a BMI of 14.8.

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