Saturday, 12 September 2009

Eating better

Waif seems to be eating very well at the moment, although often not in front of me so I am reserving judgment a little until I have some metrics.

She made herself a large hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and mini marshmallows at breakfast time and took it off to her room. She said yesterday that she had eaten chocolate muffins that she had made at a friends' house, and yet still ate supper and then she took bowls of ice cream down to the tv room for her and her friends.

Waif still looks stick thin but I am seriously hopeful that she must be gaining weight. Perhaps the incentive of an appointment with an eating disorders specialist in 10 days time has proved to be a spur.

I also surreptitiously checked her pulse as I have read that children suffering serious physical effects from anorexia have very low heart rates. Hers seemed fine (maybe 72 bpm).

My husband took her out to lunch today at Selfridges, prior to having her ears pierced. After a slight mishap (the waiter dropped her plate and there was a long wait for a second meal to arrive), she ate well apparently :-) - a whole chicken breast and all her mash. Older daughter chose her usual steak and chips.

When the Selfridges ear piercing plan was hatched a couple of days ago I was considering imposing some weight limit on the treat of ear piercing but didn't have the heart as she was so excited and, as noted above, eating so well.

Despite having been called on Monday afternoon by the Maudsley, I have not yet received written confirmation and the promised questionnaires. Perhaps the recent postal strike action is to blame. If nothing arrives by Tuesday, I shall phone the Maudsley and query the position.

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