Thursday, 3 September 2009

first day of term

Waif set off merrily this morning, claiming to be really looking forward to her first day back at school for the new year. She leaves on the 7.10am bus and I expected her home again at 4.45pm. It is a long day and I have to trust that she has eaten one or two of the biscuits in the box she took in to school to share, and that she has eaten lunch (unlike the case in the Spring Term when I discovered - on receiving the lunch bill at the end of term - that she skipped it most days).

The school system does not work well on lunches - if a girl forgets her swipe card (which is used at lunch time as payment) then she can only get something to eat by queuing at the Bursary, apparently getting into trouble - "they get really angry" - and taking a lunch chit. Furthermore it can only be done at 1.15pm, half way through the lunch break, leaving little time then to eat - and is not possible at all if some lunchtime activity is booked in eg a games practice. I did raise this as a problem with the school last term and was told (in a genuine fashion) that a girl forgetting her pass should just go and find the Head of Year or buy something in the cafe. Well, girls are not allowed in the cafe until Year 11, and say that they would not have time/ know where to find the Head of Year.

Older daughter returned home as expected at 4.45pm but no Waif arrived. Apparently Waif has decided to stay on for the hockey trial. As she did not take her phone, I cannot arrange to pick her up so she will not be home until 7pm (on the late coach) which is a long time after her 6.30am bowl of bran flakes. Cicken pie is in the oven (time 6.15pm).

Older daughter forgot her swipe card today, so did that queuing or a chit thing. By then the only lunch left was chicken tikka and rice. She took the chicken but does not like rice and asked if she could have a baked potato instead (from a different counter). She was not allowed. Lunch costs £3.95 - I would have thought a piece of chicken and a baked potato would not be too much to ask.

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