Thursday, 17 September 2009

Forms, forms and more forms

:-) The forms arrived from the Maudsley although not in time for me to post them back to arrive there before we do on Monday morning as Waif needs to add her tuppence worth tonight. They said I could just bring them on the day. I hope that doesn't matter.

I realise how lovely is the Waif. The questionnaires are several: one to see if she has OCD (nope), one to see if she is lacking social skills (nope), one to see if she worries unduly (nope) and one general one in which I note that she is great with people, does all her work beautifully, keeps her bedroom tidy, looks lovely, is caring, gets on with everyone in the family, is easy company, has never struggled at school and is never argumentative, doesn't have bad nightmares and has never seemed depressed, and never been bullied.

The only questions where I have anything to say is that she is scared of spiders, quite wants to change schools and often sleeps in my bed. Hmm....that last one being unusual at 13.

I am glad yet trepidatious that we are going on Monday. I have not yet consented to the hospital being in touch with the school because I first want to discuss that with Waif's care team. I don't want to create problems for Waif at school.


  1. Hi there, I just found your blog today and read all the way back to the beginning...
    I just wanted to let you know that I am reading and routing for the health of your daughter and the happiness of your family!

    With prayers from Canada,

  2. Your daughter is lucky to have you in her corner. Best of luck at your appointment Monday.