Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Cross country running part 2

Hmmmm...raceday is tomorrow. Waif still hasn't discovered how far the race is. As the psych was busy this week, Waif had no appointment yesterday so I do not know whether or not she has put on weight - on our home scales she comes in at 37.5kg which is no weight gain but our home scales may underweigh. My guess is that she HAS put on some weight; she has more of a healthy glow in her face, has lost the dark shadows under her eyes and her hands are warm. I would like to reward that.

Also, Waif is letting me pick her up from school at lunchtime today as the afternoon is one of PE, so she will have voluntarily foregone 1-2 hours of exercise today. She is hoping for a trade, no doubt, and has also promised to eat loads straight after. I may negotiate that she eats loads TODAY (carbohydrate loading) as well as something sugary immediately before the race and lots of protein after, and an okay from the Maudsley in terms of her not actually being in danger of damaging her heart. Mortified as Waif may be not to run, I cannot allow her to damage her body permanently.

I spoke to my husband about this issue yesterday. I suggested we should decide on a weight, say 40kg, above which she can race. My husband expressed the concern that if Waif put on weight then she might be carrying too much excess to be able to run a good time. Grrrrrrrr..... She would not be too heavy to race with a BMI of, say, 16!!!! Sigh, he gets it a bit because he agrees that she is too thin at the moment.


  1. If he doesn't want her to gain weight, she never will.

  2. thank you so much for your comment on my blog. it meant alot.

    i feel the need to comment because your husband is pissing me off with all his comments. sorry to be blunt, but you need to have a serious talk with him... excess?

    i cant get my head around that.

    sorry i sound so frustrated, its just that this is the exact kind of thing that would trigger me and its painful to read...

    take care, and thank you again for your comment. i hope the race goes well for Waif, in every way.

  3. Len, I believe you are right: he does, I am sure, want her to gain some weight. I am equally sure he doesn't want her to gain "too much" weight.

    Katie, perhaps my husband has food issues too, I am not sure. I am hoping that family therapy will make some things clearer. Luckily, he didn't make that comment in front of Waif and, don't worry, I DID have a serious talk with him.

    I hope all is going a little better for you today. I am just off to your blog to check.