Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Metrics and Celebrations

Waif is now 39.4kg!!! :-) She has put on weight!! :-) :-) I am soooooooooo pleased. I know this is not the end, or even the beginning of the end, but perhaps it is the beginning of the beginning.

At 160cm, Waif now has a BMI of 15.4. Whilst this is still far too low, it is over 15.

Best of all, Waif seemed genuinely pleased at her progress.

Now, we have to build on our progress. Perhaps next time, Waif will have put on another kg and even surpassed the 40kg mark.


  1. or perhaps it is the end of the beginning.

  2. Hi :) I came across your blog the other day. I live in Dorset and I'm recovering from anorexia, although I'm quite a bit older than your daughter (25). I just wanted to say hello and maybe give you some hope if that's not too arrogant of me! I was ill for years, but I'm now fully weight restored and surprisingly fine with it. I'm glad your daughter seems pleased with her progress, that's brilliant! Good luck in the future, I really believe that recovery is possible for everyone, and you seem so supportive and sensible that I am sure Waif's illness stands no chance :)

  3. hi,
    i am recovering from anorexia,
    like yr daughter, i am 16ocm tall, and i have reached my target weight set by my doctor(47.6kg)...

    it is really hard for me to accept my new weight/body because i was always the skinny kid b4 ed, and my new weight is my highest ever. i cry alot in private,

    i just hope for you to keep pushing and and not to give up any hope. its definitely not easy for her, and will need alot of support.

  4. Katie: thank you so much for your message and well done on your recovery - it is great to know that it can be done, and a salutory reminder that it is difficult.

    Jam, I am a couple of cm shorter than you and last year, when I broke my jaw, my weight dropped to 49kg. I was very thin even though it is more than your weight and I am smaller! I can tell you for definite that you look better and more lovely at 47.6kg than you ever did any thinner than that - it sounds like a minimum to me. I expect that your skin, hair, eyes and teeth are all more healthy and that you have more of a glow. Treasure your body and believe the charts - they don't falsely define "underweight" just to trick people into being fat. It's so sad that you cry for being nearer a normal weight :-( I so hope that you realise soon that we human beings have evolved to be attracted to the healthy, not the skinny, and that you can be proud of what you have achieved. I hope you have lots of support as you sound like a great girl.