Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Well, the good news is that Waif hadn't lost any weight, but neither has she gained any in the last 2 weeks :-( In my view, it is just recently that Waif has stopped eating so well. Yesterday, for instance, she had asked me to bring a sandwich to her after school as we would miss tea, what with driving to the Maudsley. She wanted a jam sandwich but I brought along a tuna one (her usual favourite). She refused to eat it, saying that the reason was that she was saving it for supper (!). I suspect she read the packet and saw the 440 kcalories as I had chosen one with plenty of mayonnaise and not a calorie-counted vinaigrette version.

In view of her plateau, we have decided that Waif needs to eat MORE than is on her meal plan. She started this morning by having an extra piece of toast for breakfast as well as her usual jam sandwich and bowl of cereal. As ever, she managed to at breakfast whilst I was walking her older sister to the school bus-stop and before my husband was out of bed so I didn't actually see her eating. I need to ask her to eat with OD at 6.40am, or else wait until 7.20am for "second breakfast" - I take her to school at 8am. Alternatively, I need to ask my husband to get out of bed at 7.10am and supervise the 7.10am shift.

I have been truly impressed with H lately as he has made a significant effort to get to all Waif's Maudsley appointments and this makes a difference - I am especially convinced of this having listened yesterday to the importance of comments made by fathers as being very triggering or, conversely, helpful.

We talked about how Waif would not be allowed her orthodontic braces, for which she is nearly ready, needing just one more deciduous tooth to be shed, until she is within the normal weight range. The psych explained that it is tricky to gain weight whilst wearing braces. I can vouch for that. Let's hope that is an added incentive for Waif.

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  1. thinking practically23 February 2010 at 09:57

    two thoughts
    1) Given Waif's reluctance to eat over-plan, can you not quietly ask the Maudsley to give you a revised plan - one with an extra X calories a day on it
    2) If Waif's behaviour changed significantly from one week to another, perhaps you can think back and identify a trigger.