Friday, 28 August 2009

BMI and action

I am obsessively calculating the Waif's BMI on different online calculators in the hope of receiving a different answer. All I get is that she is under the first centile for her age and height and should see a health care provider.

I will book an appointment now. I am an incompetent mother as last time I saw the GP (a monthago) he agreed that a blood test would be a good idea and gave me the paperwork. I dutifully booked an appointment for the bloods (there is a two week wait). However in those 2 weeks we went on holiday and the Waif put on a kg or two so, on her return, I cancelled it as a reward. She has lost weight again since then and now I can't find the blood test form. My husband has filed it apparently and knows where it is, but he has not been home whilst I have been awake and I forget to ask him over breakfast to dig it out. He doesn't generally take calls from me during the day or answer emails so communication is difficult. I am this morning going to phone the GP again and get a new form. I will also make an appointment for next week so that I can take the Waif if I need to. I am embarrassed about losing the forms. My embarrassment is immaterial.

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