Friday, 28 August 2009

I thought I was doing well this morning: I have arranged with the GP that I can pick up a new blood test form. What is more, I have found a walk in blood test clinic that is only 15 minutes drive away. I have also booked the next availbale appointment for the Waif's GP, which is next Wednesday.

I told Waif about the blood test and she refused. I suggested that we measure her weight again and if she had put some on then we could postpone the test. I try to make weighings surprise and instant to be sure that she doesn't drink a pint of water immediately beforehand. Unfortunately the phone rang at that very moment and I had to go downstairs - it was the estate agent whom I had cancelled for this morning in order to be free for the blood test. This meant there was a gap before weigh-in. The good news however is that the Waif came in at clothes but without shoes. I agreed to postpone the blood test. Now I know there is a walk-in centre, I can wait until (let's hope it never happens) Waif is losing weight again, or not putting it on, and take her straight along.

I am considering keeping the GP appointment and going along alone to discuss issues with the GP. I have now read a few websites and they all seem to parrot the mantra that carers should avoid talking to the sufferer about weight or eating habits. She is thirteen! The Maudsley method rubbishes (I think) this approach and says that the parents should dictate what the child eats until she is back to a normal weight. That makes much more sense to me. I am lucky that Waif is generally a compliant child and if I tell her something (eg eating a particular item) is non-negotiable, then she will do it.

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