Tuesday, 25 August 2009

School liaison

Waif had a hot chocolate mid-morning and then ate three fishfingers, one new potato and a spoonful of baked beans for lunch. She has postponed her piece of fruit for later in the afternoon.

I have left a phone message at her school for the Head of Year to phone back to discuss what help they might be able to give. I am arranging for Waif to drop a subject early (she is just going into year 9) to buy her some extra time during the school day to try to relieve any pressure she may be under. In return, Waif has agreed to practise the piano more, which I should provide a good counterbalance to her academic work, and so provide a stress release. Waif needs to relax a little for she is a complete perfectionist: at the start of every day she draws up a timetable detailing every 15 minutes of the day. What other 13 year old does that? At the moment she is researching an idea I had for inventing a GCSE revision game. Waif says she is approaching it like "Beat the Parents", a children's reality game where the children have to market some kind of product better than the adults do.

Waif baked a cake this morning, which I took as a hopeful sign, but she is refusing to eat any of it as she filled it with strawberries and cream and she does not like cream.

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