Friday, 28 August 2009


I didn't realise that I need to get Waif toeat a LOT of calories to make up for her weight loss - nobody quite knows why (it is to do with the body's response to starvation) but this extract from some Maudsley information has a link to studies showing it:

But your child needs lots of calories and a balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Most people are
surprised to learn just how many calories it takes to reverse the malnutrition of anorexia. (Some doctors
are surprised about this, too.) While no one can explain exactly why this is true, the answer probably has
to do with how the metabolism is altered by malnutrition. To read more about why so many calories are
needed see these studies.

I have posted the link to recipes in my side-bar.


  1. Getting calorie intake high enough can be really difficult. We found a daily milkshake with premium ice cream to be a big help. It was difficult to introduce, but eventually it became part of the routine. Best of luck helping your daughter. We'll be keeping a good thought for you at Maudsley Parents.

  2. Dear Jane

    thank you so much for your kind words. I really feel out of my depth at the moment. I will certainly try the milkshake even though I know that Waif will be strongly resistant. Perhaps after lunch. I am not sure whether I should be bringing her home from school at lunchtime so that I can supervise her eating. I am coming to the conclusion that I must.