Friday, 28 August 2009

Eat More

Waif was walking down the street yesterday and someone shouted "Eat more meat" to her. Waif couldn't understand as she said she is not vegetarian. Her older sister suggested that they meant she looked too thin.

The head of year at school phoned me back and has agreed that Waif can drop a subject (Spanish) a year early - the idea is to give Waif a little room in her life and less stress. She will have one less homework to complete and 2 or 3 free periods a week. Those could come in handy if she ends up missing lessons due to medical appointments (fingers crossed not) and will allow her some catch-up time.

She also mentioned the website Beat which I had come across before but will now look at more closely. She said that the school nurse (back on Monday) could recommend counsellors. Is that what Waif needs?

Waif and I had planned to go swimming together this morning but Waif has just announced she doesn't want to come in the pool and will just watch. Well, I don't want to push her at the moment - I am not sure why she doesn't want to swim (?perhaps she doesn't want me to see her change). I will go with the flow. We are staying in.

Waif ate two scotch pancakes for breakfast - she only really wanted one but I insisted. She traded me the pear she was going to eat. I am hoping a scotch pancake has more calories than a pear.

She wanted to know what I had eaten for breakfast which is actually nothing as I hate to eat before swimming. She accused me of hypocrisy but I pointed out that once she was in the "normal" range for her weight she could eat what she liked but at the moment she had to eat what I said. I think this is the Maudsley approach. I need to double check.

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