Monday, 30 November 2009

new hope

Waif has eaten so much better and so much more cheerfully since the middle of last week. This has coincided with talk of a new has also coincided with her keeping of the food diary so perhaps that is an alternative explanation.

I looked round the prospective school this morning and talked to the Headmaster. It is less academic than the one Waif currently attends (but, you know, still 60th or so in the country so a good prospect), and so will be less pressurised. I was pleasantly surprised as it has improved tremendously over how it was 6 years ago when I looked around it before Older Daughter's secondary transfer. It is mixed (70% boys) and much closer to home. I suspect both these factors will help. I also liked the art that was going on, which is Waif's main hobby so very important to her. It is much less "posh" which could be good, too, in terms of size zero mothers.

I have been given the HM's secretary's number to phone to arrange a day next week for Waif to sit a couple of exam papers and to meet the HM in person. I will call tomorrow after talking to the Waif's psych at the Maudsley today to see what he thinks of the idea. I am also taking OD along for the first time - without any real idea of whether the psych will want her in the consultation or not. I suspect he will find it instructive if he chooses to have her present.

Wish us luck this afternoon at The Maudsley....I sooooooo hope Waif has gained weight. I am fairly confident so will be shocked and saddened if not.....and elated if, say, she is over 37.9kg. I will post tonight with news.

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