Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thinking outside the box.

I am throwing my full armoury against this eating disorder thing! I am determined to unleash all fire power.

The Headmistress told me that many teachers have contacted her to say that Waif looks thin and ill, 2 of my friends from Monday yoga have separately spoken to me with their concerns, and my mother phoned to say that she thought Waif looked even thinner. It is time to take up arms.

My cleaner is from Hungary. She is a trained social worker there. She is a hopeless cleaner, but I can quite imagine she is a very good social worker. She is incredibly warm and kind. She is going to Hungary at Christmas and is bringing back a homeopathic cure for Waif. I am a natural homeopath skeptic but don't suppose it can do any harm. Let's hope for a placebo effect.

I have spoken to a nearer, less pressured, mixed school and found that there is a place for Waif available in January if she can sit an exam next week. Waif is very bright and I have no doubt she will pass the exam but am not fully decided whether it would be stressful for her to take a test. I am also not sure whether a school move would be good or not.

On the plus side, she has consistently told me that she is not happy at her current school and would rather be in a mixed school (which the new one is), and it is a lot closer to home, meaning that she would gain about 90 minutes a day in reduced travel. On the minus side, it would be disruptive and she would need to put effort into forging new friendships whilst still lacking in her usual spark and energy.

Our next appointment with the psychiatrist at the Maudsley is on Monday, so this is something that I will bring up. I am so hoping that she will have gained weight but know deep down that this is unlikely given comments from people who see her less regularly :-( She really #is# eating good meals at home.......


  1. remember food is the enemy to 'waif'. The more you focus on food the more you are alligned with the enemy. You need to also focus on how bad she is feeling about herself and build her self esteem and confidence.

  2. :-) Anon, you are right and I am trying to do just that. Hmmm...... her self esteem seems to be dropping rather than rising though :-( Maybe I am trying too hard to fulfil her every whim. Maybe she needs boundaries. Sigh, I have never been good at those.