Monday, 8 March 2010

2 steps back :-(

Waif has lost over a kilogramme - effectively all the weight that she gained so splendidly at the start of February. This means that she is to do no sport for the time being.

Waif has also agreed to add to her food plan - scrambled eggs in the morning, a doughnut with her mid-morning yoghurt and chips twice a week. Waif wanted a boiled egg instead of scrambled for breakfast but the psych said that, amazingly, it takes more calories to digest a boiled egg than are in it so that was a non-starter. No wonder OD is so slim; she starts every day with a boiled egg. I shall make Waif's scrambled eggs with cream and butter in abundance.

The pscyh said that no way should my husband and I stop our sport (I did ask). She said that would be allowing ED far too much control. We noted that exercise is a healthy thing to do EXCEPT for someone who is too thin and losing weight.

Waif was very upset when the pscyh suggested that perhaps she had been putting food in the bin or pretending to eat it when she isn't. Waif claimed to have lost her voice and not to be able to speak. OD assures me that Waif is faking this voice loss and that Waif has been talking to her in a normal voice.

We are to return next Wednesday for a brief visit to check that the weight loss is being reversed.

We all agreed that Waif is growing quickly at the moment. This makes it harder for her to put on weight, and yet all the more necessary. Her hands and limbs have now taken on that mottled purple sickly look that starved people have :-( :-( She used to have beautiful golden skin. She will do again; I am determined. The psych asked us to bring in some photos of how the Waif looked 2 years ago when she was a healthy weight.


  1. Thankyou for not taking offense at my comments. Good on you for discussing it all with the psychiatrist.

    I am sorry to hear of Waifs weight loss, but you seem to have a good plan of attack in place,to reverse it quickly.

    I just want to point out that I did not refer to you,your husband or OD,giving up sport, or you not running - i was concerned regarding your talking about the 4 kilos you had gained, and skipping meals...they were the two points i saw as extremely triggering.

    Love and thoughts,

  2. I see your point with the whole sport thing, fair enough. My family isn't that sporty so I guess I'm not used to it, but I still think it could be trigger.

    I'm also sorry to hear that waif has lost weight. :( it sounds like you're doing a good job with getting her back on track though, hopefully it will all be okay.

    I hope you are watching your thoughts, I agree with you that you dont have to eat chocolate to keep Waif company, as you have your own health to look after. It was the skipping meals bit and the worry over the weight gain that got me.

    Take care,