Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I have booked a National Trust house in Somerset for a week at Easter:

Waif has decided that we need to find things to do for the week.  Yesterday, out of the blue, she presented me with a file of printouts containing 5 different outings, together with Googlemaps direction finder routes to each, opening times and prices.  She has even found a toddler gym for her young cousin who will be staying with us, and riding stables for her and her friend.  The file is neatly set out and indexed.  Sigh, this is typical of Waif.  My mother remarked to me the other day that Waif had some of my "obsessiveness".    Well, whilst I was capable of great focus as a child (generally on my school work), I was not organised and efficient to the same extent as Waif.

There will be the four of us (me, husband, Waif and Older Daughter) plus an old schoolfriend of Waif's, and, for a few days, H's brother and young family.  H's parents are also going to come and stay for a night or two.  Waif has begged me to make it only the one night.   Hmmmm........Grandpa did not endear himself to her the weekend before last when he came on a rare visit and announced that she couldn't sing in tune.  Tactful, huh? As if she doesn't have self-esteem issues already.  There are lots of positive comments he could have made instead.  Sigh, he doesn't mean to be rude but is old-fashioned - he lived in and was schooled in India at the end of the Raj not seeing his parents for 10 months at a time.  He had his own pony and 2 grooms when he was only 7.  Empathy was not taught in early 20c British boarding schools in Rajastan.  They were bigger on stiff upper lip, manners and honour.


  1. On the contrary I bet his grooms, nanny, governess, house servants all constantly told him how good he was at everything. That would have been part of their job.

  2. Hope, this home looks like my dream home - being in Australia, i don't see homes like this very often - my big goal, once i have beaten this relapse, is to come to the UK, it is very special to me, has always been in my heart, and i need to come and discover WHY.

    I am loving the thought of your Easter soooo much.
    I hope its as stress-free,trigger-free as possible for Waif.

    Its good you are aware of what people may say, and can steel her for those comments.

    Love jennifer x

  3. Jennifer...yes, my dream home too and it's wonderful to be having it for a week :-) Mind you, Queensland gets the weather! We could easily spend the week sheltering inside from the drizzle and cold.

    Let me know when you are coming to the UK - you ARE going to beat your relapse for you have dreams like this to fulfil. What a waste it would be to allow A to stop you when we only get this one go at life. You are strong and wise enough to not let it.

  4. Thankyou,that was a lovely comment, i really appreciate it.
    I will let you know WHEN i am coming - i will be SO EXCITED to be a) rid of the anorexia once and for all and b) coming to England, that EVERYONE will know about it!!
    I am actually using the Maudsley method in my recovery, this time, by the way.
    Wish i had discovered it/it had been around, 23 yrs ago when i first developed the anorexia.

    Keep being strong!
    If you have any photos to post after easter, please let me know and i wiill send you my email address,as i would LOVE to see them!

    Love and thankyou again,
    jennifer xx

  5. Jennifer, yes DO let me know when you are coming and I can show you round London. Also, I will def send you photos if you let me have your email address (and once I get OD to upload them for me).

  6. Thankyou so very much!!

    So glad to hear of Waif being made feel special at art lessons - so important for us to be shown that we are MORE THAN OUR EDs!!

    My email address is below