Tuesday, 16 March 2010

We went to a lecture on prime numbers the other night. To add to the excitement (seriously) we managed to catch an old routemaster bus from Charing Cross to the Albert Hall. In fact, this exact Number 15. Having been brought up with these buses and taken them regularly, I was not expecting the girls to be so excited.

Waif has netball then weights on Tuesday afternoons. As she missed sc hool yesterday, as she has eaten reasonably well and as I have lost my front door keys and am waiting in for the man from Banhams to change our locks at lunchtime, I am allowing Waif to go. She is cross with me this morning as I had to write a note explaining her absence yesterday (not well) and saying that she would need to miss last lesson tomorrow (for a "medical appointment"). Waif wants me to make up other reasons for why she misses so much school.

It's a tricky path to tread as I am keen for her new school not to focus particularly on her problems - indeed the Headmaster advised me not to tell the school nurse, who fusses - but OTOH I am unwilling to fib. I can see why Waif is embarrassed. Hopefully that will be another nudge in the direction of eating properly.

Whilst Waif has stuck well to the meal plan this week, she is still not eating freely. She avoids the high calorie cheesecake in the fridge and pick a 125 calorie eclair for pudding rather than a 300 calorie sponge. I also need to remind her every meal to eat sufficiently eg at breakfast, "Have you had your juice yet?" "Can I eat a plum instead?" is a typical exchange, and it is necessary to encourage her to have more than a splash of milk on her cereal.

I went out last night and so didn't witness Waif eat supper, and even though I was home by 9pm Waif claimed to have already eaten and drunk her late night meal. I feel a bit guilty about that but find that I need a night a week away from her mealtimes. Just for my sanity.

Maudsley tomorrow. Fingers crossed again. My best guess is that she will have put back on 0.8kg of the 1.5kg she lost last time.

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