Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Post script

I feel a little better now.  I checked and Waif is about 2.5kg heavier than at Christmas.  I know that is not a lot but it means that i am not imagining that she looks a little better.

Also, no fool she, Waif has announced that she is going to wear her school uniform tomorrow to the Maudsley for her weigh in.  She knows that none of her other clothes are as heavy.  So at least that will be a fair test.

Waif went to meet a friend for lunch today.  I tried to persuade her to eat her morning doughnut before she left (at midday) but she said that they were first going to Starbucks and then on for lunch so she would eat there.  Hmmmm.......

Oh, and I am out tonight again.  My husband has said he will try to come home and cook but I wouldn't rate his chances at higher than 50%


  1. oh quit beating around the bush: go find her school uniform now and weigh it already, why don't you?

    (the point is: once you know, and she knows that you know, how much the uniform weighs, then there won't be any point her wearing it, and she'll be able to relax, and go out in her own clothes like a teenager should in the holidays)

  2. so ignoring the inevitable wobbles and fluctuations from week to week and looking at the longer terms trends, then am I right that..

    - up to when she started at the Maudsley she was steadily losing
    - she since she started at the Maudsley she's steadly gained

    ? If so then that is heartening :-)