Friday, 19 March 2010

Art lesson

Waif went for her first after school art lesson yesterday.   This is an example of her teacher's work :-)   It is similar in style to Waif's own which is a good start.

Her teacher and artist, Jo, is herself a mother to girls and is friendly and approachable. Waif felt valued and special in their hour and a half together.  This must be good.  I want Waif to push ED out of her mind and replace it with thoughts of a more creative, happy and constructive ilk.

Today she went swimming after school with a friend.  The deal was that I would meet them at the gym and buy them supper.  I met them and ordered supper for Waif.  It was a very large plate but she made little impact on it and then claimed she did not like any of the puddings on offer and would eat more when we got home.  When we got home, she remembered she had babysitting (the putative employers came knocking on the door as Waif had not showed up) so had to dash out  :-(    Poor Waif was in tears as she was tired and really wanted a night in with me but we both agreed that a commitment is a commitment.  I told the parents concerned that Waif was not to be kept out after 11pm - last week Waif babysat for them and they did not return until 1.45am.  A thirteen year old should not be kept up that late, especially with no consultation beforehand.  She ended up missing school on the Monday as she was so tired.  The other problem with babysitting is that Waif goes a long time (in that case, 7 hours) without any food.  We are both agreed that babysitting should be kept within strict time limits from now on.  I need a second rule that it must be run past me first so that I can sort out early food if necessary.


  1. Is it even legal to employ a paid babysitter who is only 13?

    In those circumstances I wonder who should have what insurance.

  2. Hi Hope, are you going ok?

    Just thinking of you.

    Love and Care,
    Jennifer xx