Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fine dining

My husband and I dined at Le Gavroche last night.   We ate the tasting menu - 7 courses with a different wine for each.  Yum.  Thousands of calories! 

Michel Roux Jr himself came and chatted with us, recommending the Monaco marathon for its views.  My husband said how much Waif loves him on Masterchef  :-)

 Meanwhile, Waif at home ate the macaroni cheese!!  Yay!  All 630 calories.  She refused the avocado salsa with it which is a shame but still it was not a bad start.

This morning, Waif beat me to the kitchen and had already started cooking her scrambled eggs (without, I suspect, any butter) when I arrived, so I need to be quicker!  I had to remind her to drink her juice and eat her cereal too but then she did so willingly enough.  We have to pack in the calories if we are to get to 42kg by next Thursday.  We MUST do it as it would be so lovely for her to go on her engineering course the following week and so hearbreaking to ban her although I am prepared for that eventuality - realising there are consequences to being too thin is not a bad lesson to learn, even if it will be painful.  Nonetheless, I hope we don't go there.

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